Friday, January 17, 2014

Foaming Soap Refill

As I continue to Purge. Organize. Clean. Repeat. I came across an empty foaming bottle that I had put under the sink for when the second one was empty.  I got them cheap with coupons when they were on sale, or else I would not have bought them honestly. Holy expensive, and my kids will use an entire bottle if no one is looking!

So before I threw them out I looked to see if I could refill it, and low and behold I can.

All you need to do is put 1/5 of the bottle full of soap, I would get even less because if its too thin you can always add more. But if its too thick, you will clog up your foaming nozzle.
I used baby soap, and its been great having it in the tub for the kids! 
I have also done my second one with dish soap, and love it!

Add water. 
I would say use water from a bottle or fill a cup, just so that it isn't pressurized from your tap. 
If you try from the tap, it will bubble up and make a mess.
Pour your water in slowly. Add your top, mix it  up a little. Don't shake, just swish it around.

What Household Hacks have you figured out lately?

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