Friday, February 14, 2014

Celebrates: Carter's Dino Decor

While I love all the fabulous birthday ideas that float around blogland, 
We keep it pretty basic around here. 
I made the invites, we bought a pinata, banner and some balloons from Target. 

My favorite element of the party were the cupcakes!
Normally my sister is our baker, but this year her kids were sick, so I had to make them!
Didn't they come out great?!?!?

Maybe I can be a baker after all!?!

I made my cupcakes and frosting, but if you were in a pinch, 
bakery cupcakes and add some little toy dinosaurs and your done!

These were the easiest cupcakes I've ever decorated!
I wish I had examples of some of my past disasters! 
Because these are amazing compared to some of my past baking attempts!

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  1. How cute! I bet he loved them! I think the little dinos on top are great!


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