Friday, October 17, 2014

Canning: Rotel and Salsa

If your new to canning, check out my safety post
Then, check out how to make applesauce, cider and pickles!

In over your head with tomatoes? I was! 
But now my pantry is full of Rotel, Salsa, Pizza Sauce and Spaghetti Sauce(I'll share the sauces recipes next week!)

Growing up I remember have Cheesy Rotel dip at a friends all the time, never have I bought a can of rotel, or the cheese to make it. So when I was looking for uses for my tomatoes and found a rotel recipe I knew I had to try it!

After finding a recipe I liked, I was happy to find it linked right back to the NCHFP!
NCHFP calls the recipe Chile Salsa, but it has the same ingredients as most of the Rotel recipes I found.
I canned my Rotel in 1/2 pint jars as we weren't sure if we would love the recipe. Now that we had it a couple times I know we love the recipe, it's the perfect combo of sweet and heat for us! But I think I will continue to can it in this size jar as we have finished a jar each time we have opened one. 

Now, for the salsa! I took out Marissa McClellan's books Food in Jars and Preserving by the Pint out from the library, and was so happy I did! There were several recipes that I have tried from there! The Blender Salsa is the recipe I used. Unfortunately the exact recipe is not on her blog, but a different blender salsa is. If you want to make the exact one I did, check out her book Preserving by the Pint. 
The only change I had was that I like my salsa a little chunkier, so instead of blending my double batch I did one batch blended one batch hand chopped. 

Taco Tuesday hasn't been the same since I started opening up jars of homemade Rotel and Salsa. Yum!

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