Wednesday, January 14, 2015

{Blog Updates} What's in a Footer?

Ah. I'm feeling so good about my new look!
It feels like I just got out of the salon with a new hairdo!
The blog has received a new header, social media icons, signature, pages and now a footer!
As I've said a couple times in the last week, I've been updating things you may and may not notice.
One thing I am hoping you noticed is my footer!
I've never really paid much attention to it in the past. But as I was looking at other blogs, and posts about updating your blog I found the need to. Why you might ask? Well, if you can get your readers to stay on your page all the way to the footer, what do you want them to do next? For me, I want my readers to connect with me! It let's me know I am not writing blog posts to no one!  
Speaking of connecting, are you on google+? I've had a personal page for a while, and some ofyou have followed on there, but when I started that page I wasn't allowed to use it as All Things Fee, just my name. So now I have an exclusive All Things Fee google+ page! Check it out!
There were a lot of things I wanted to try to put in my footer, but I just couldn't get the different widgets to fit correctly. So I went with a simple line full of social media icons, just like in my sidebar.
What do you think?
Do you utilize your footer?
 I am loving the splash of color and the clean look it gives down there!

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