Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New Year, New Blog Look!

While I didn't list it in my 30 When 30 post, I do want to update the blog a little bit.
Have you noticed some of the changes?
Like the new header?
So far some of the things you may have noticed, I've redesigned and updated the header, the calling all crafters logo/image and post signature.  I've also designed some other details for the sidebar, but haven't had a minute to update and verify that they fit!
Some of the backend things I've had to do, that aren't as noticeable. I decided to do a good old fashion reset! Over the years I have added different snippets and code that I don't really know if I truly want or need. So, even thought it sounds like a simple click of the reset button. I've had to then redo everything as if I am just starting out. Which isn't a bad thing either.
One thing I keep going back and forth on whether I should move my blog, or change my name.
But I think I will keep it as is. Thoughts? My main reason to move would be I'd love a little more freedom in the designing end, I feel limited with blogger.
But if I really hunker down and learn a little more html code I should be able to do everything I want.
So maybe html code, will be my "try something new" off my 30 When 30 list!
Also, since I want to plan my time a little better I've decided to work on my blog in bits. A little each day, versus an overnight transformation. While I would love to be able to just have it all happen, I know I'd be at the computer for hours, if not days attempting to so on my own!
What are you thinking so far? Like the new images? I'm loving the hand drawn look!

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