Wednesday, January 28, 2015

{Tip} Sifting Flour without a Sifter!

Do you sift your flour when baking? I do.
Some recipes call for you to do so, and others don't.
But I have made it a habit to sift all my flour, because I find it does help.

 I know for a fact, I make a molasses cookie that if you don't sift you can tell. The color, texture and taste is completely different While other recipes you may not be able to tell, but I started to sift all the time so that I wouldn't forget in recipe that called for it.

So your probably thinking, how does she sift all her recipes without a sifter? Well, I don't.
I have a small hand held sifter, but the other day when I went to sift flour it was dirty.
And I knew if I washed it, it would make more of a mess if I didn't get it dry.
So I went digging through  my cabinets and had an aha! moment.
My cheese grater. Yup. Sounds weird, but in a bind it worked! 

I put my sifter in a large bowl, scooped some flour inside.

Then using a spoon, I tapped the sides and pushed the flour around!  
Yes, it probably took a little longer than my sifter. But it got the job done!

Look at that! Light fluffy flour! Without a sifter!

What tools do you use not for their original purpose?

Plus! Stop by on Friday to see what I needed sifted flour for!

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