Wednesday, May 6, 2015

{Builds} Strawberry Tower

Ah! This is one of those projects that we finished in the fall, 
put it in the shed for the winter and just pulled out to fill!

The hardest part about this was deciding where to put it! 
I wanted it somewhere we would see and be able to check on daily, 
so that critters were not eating all of our yummy berries,
 and somewhere it would be easy to get to all four sides. 

This past weekend, I moved it to a spot and left it there for a couple days 
and then finally decided to fill it. Hope we never have to move this sucker! 
It took 4 wheelbarrows full of dirt to fill, plus half a bag of potting soil!

If you want to build your own Strawberry Pyramid, 
these are similar plans I printed for my hubby to make it!
(of course, I can't find same plans as when he made them! 
Guess thats what happens when you have him build something 6 months ago and then blog about it!)

Anyone else building things outside? 
Now I'm off to try to get a potato tower built! 
Tis the season for outdoor projects!

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