Friday, June 19, 2015

{Organizes:} Pinterest Boards

I love Pinterest!

I have quite a few boards and pins over there.
I love that when I pin an item, my boards come up in alphabetical order.
But when I go to my boards to look for something they weren't. 
So I finally decided to manually move them.

While manually moving them isn't hard, it was a pain until I figured a little trick out!

First, let me tell you how to manually move your boards around.

On your computer:
Sign into pinterest, and get to your boards page.

Then click and hold onto the board you want to move.

Lastly, drag to where you want it.

Now, that wasn't hard was it? Didn't think so.
But it was a pain if you were dragging from the bottom to the top right?
You seemed to be slowly scrolling up... taking forever.

Well, if you haven't moved your boards around because of this... Look what you can do!
Yes! You can change the size of your boards so you see more at once to make dragging and dropping easier! 

In your browser, click View. Scroll down to Zoom Out. 
I did this until it was not longer an option, see?

I can almost see all of my boards now!
Also, if you can widen your browser window you will be able to get more boards per row like I did!
Once I could see more of my boards, I went ahead and dragged them where I wanted them.

Now that  I was happy with my boards organization
I went back to View, and chose Actual Size.
And my window went back to normal.

So much better! What do you think?
Think you may try so you can move your boards around?
After I figured this out, I shook my head thinking why didn't I figure this out sooner!

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