Friday, June 10, 2016

{Recap} July 2015

Ah July. 

The garden is  really starting to produce, the temps are definitely up there.
I cannot wait to be bringing in basketfuls like this again this year! 

We also got this oddity of a tomato!

July was also the month we said goodbye to my beloved Prius, and hello to a mini van!
My husband and I joke, I said I never wanted a mini van and he never wanted a particular brand. And well guess what, we got his brand and a mini van! ha!

As a family of 5, soon to be 6 this feature is extra handy! *wink, wink*
 The center console has an opening (meant to hold coins, and such)
that perfectly holds a gallon of milk! 
Who needs individual drinks when the whole gallon fits!?

We also participated in our local libraries Summer Reading Program! If your library does one, you should definitely check it out! It's a lot of fun! They have incentives for reading books ( my favorite? When you read 10 books, you bring the slip to the bank and they deposit $10!), they do extra activities plus the regular story time!  

Lots of fun, and each year a different theme. One year it was science, last year Super Heroes! 

The super heroes was great, since my boys were really into it. Actually Ellie was too! Each week we would go to the activity and they made a different piece to their super hero costume. One week it was masks, another capes and this specific week was jet packs!  

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