Friday, June 17, 2016

{Recap} September 2015

Ah September! The month were I swore I would get my act together and come back to blogging! 
Ha. That's funny.  I'm definitely blaming it on being pregnant! 

In September, Canning is in full effect. Even with being pregnant I didn't want to waste a thing!
Luckily my husband stepped up and helped me!
He was an applesauce making machine! I think we canned 50 pints of applesauce last year!

Carter, my oldest is now back to school, and loving it. 
It's amazing how your kids either love or hate school. 
Fortunately, my guy loves it! 

And fortunately for me, I get lots of time waiting for him to get on and off the bus.
So i made myself a pair of warm socks!
There too thick of a shoe so I wear around the house instead of a slipper!

In September, my husband had to do some business in the Maryland so the kids and I tagged along and we made a detour to Washington D.C.!  This kids were excited to see the White House from the truck, and then we hit up the National Air and Space Museum. If your kids have ever seen the "Night at the Museum Movies" you should take them here! My kids recognized so many things. My boys turned a corner and yelled "Hey! That's Amelias red plane!" And sure enough it was!

Lastly, we picked our lone pumpkin. 
I was really hoping for three, but there's always 2016 to try again!

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