Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Corny but Educational

Now, I know my son is way to young for this. But... I always thought the "50 states" song was nice tool for memorizing the states. And all it is them all in alphabetical order!

For Christmas we bought our son a box set of puzzles, and low and behold it had a USA puzzle. Which we havent opened yet because he is too little, but I thought we could still look at it and as he is older he might be able to learn them and their capitals. so.. I thought why not make it a little easier with a list of them.

I did a quick search, and found the list online ( to save some time, and so that I didnt have to type it all) and made a Word document and printed it out. I made a tiny slit into the back so that I could slide the list in the plastic and taped it back shut. So instead of going from state to state, we can eventually learn them in order ( like the song) and maybe it will be easier to memorize the states and capitals...

Another similar idea, we also got him a block set, that is like a puzzle, in order for it to fit in the tray you have to put it back in a semi-specific order.  We took a picture so that we can find all the pieces, and make sure they go back in the tray...  I'm thinking about putting it right on the bottom of the tray, or even inside it... That way you can quickly clean up using the picture as a reference...

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