Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cleans: REUSABLE Bleach Wipes

Yes, you read that right!
REUSEABLE Bleach wipes, not just DIY Bleach wipes.

I love bleach wipes. With three little ones,it helps keep me sane. 
See a spill, Grab a wipe, clean it up. So Easy.
But I hate how expensive they are. Even the "knock off" ones add up.

So after thinking about it. Why not make reusable ones?
So I can use, throw in the washer, reload into the container, and reuse!

Now, I'm shaking my head thinking why didn't I do this sooner?

To make your own Reusable wipes you need:
A container 
Bleach Solution

For my container, I just reused one of the store bought wipes came in. 
I also thought about using a giant  canning jar, plastic baby wipes container or tupperware.

For my bleach solution, I used 1 cup bleach to 3 cups water and a squirt of dish soap.
Just like when I made a bleach solution for my dried out wipes, or DIY bleach Spray.

For the wipes, I originally thought about using flannel squares. If you have the patience to hem your squares, go for it. I didn't! If you have knit fabric, cut yourself some squares and your good to go! 
But I went the easiest route! Baby washcloths! We have a huge pile of washcloths so I decided to weed through it in an effort to Purge. Organize. Clean. Repeat. (January's motto!) And I noticed we had a large amount of these thin baby washcloths. They were the perfect size, and took no extra time to whip up, like the other options would have!

So far I am loving them! I've been cleaning things just to be able to use them! 
Once I use one, I rinse it off and throw in my laundry pile. 
When they come out of the dryer I just put them right back in the container.
As the container needs it, I add some more solution.

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