Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Crappy Scrappy Scrapbook!

rom Crappy to Scrappy Scrapbook... It's a good thing!

I decided last month I wanted to make a scrapbook for my son's first birthday party.  Well would have been a better idea to start this 6 months ago, cause I did not think I would love it so much!

Over the years I have wanted to scrapbook, but it was not this much fun.  Maybe the idea of documenting a life made the difference. Anyways, so as an attempt to get rid of my stuff I already had, and not buy too much. I was going to use this as my book.

First, its not very boyish. Second, I worked really hard picking papers that did not scream, girl! So. I wanted to make the front a little more boyish. So here is what I did:

I embroidered/embellished my fabric ( I used blue fleece that I had, for out the outside and felt for the inside.)

Then using Krylon Spray Adhesive, I sprayed my fronts and back and then smoothed out my fabric.

Then began to trim the edges, and turn them onto the insides. Make sure to mark where your hole will be so that you can thread your album together.

Then Hot glued the edges, leaving the corners til last.

Then folded the corners neatly and glued.

Then I cut 12 x 12 piece of felt for each side. and glued them in.

Worked my ribbon through with a needle, and snipped a very little off with scissors...


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  1. Looks good sis. Did you mean to show the finished corners? Time to start 2 more for you nephews! :)


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