Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Felt Donut Tutorial

Gather Your Supplies:
2- Sheets of Felt
Sewing Supplies ( Thread, Needles, Machine, etc)
Pillow Stuffing

Cut your pieces out:
Layer your felt together and cut out four circles, making eight circles total. ( I used a plate, l that fit four times per sheet)
Optional Step:
If you want "frosting" cut out a third circle and trim to create rounded edges. Sew to one circle.

Assemble your donut:
Line up one front and one back ( may be same colors or two different)

Sew and Cut Interior hole of donut:
To sew your inside circle line up the edge somewhere on your machine to make a circle, mine was the last notch on my silver plate. I just kept my outside edge on this notch turning until the interior circle was complete.

Cut out the center of our circle.

Stuff and Finish Donut:
Stuff and pin edges, I find the more pins the better! Sew outside edge closed.

Repeat until you have used all your circles!

The donut on the right is without the optional step in the beginning. I used Blue on the top, and ivory on the bottom.  It creates a simpler looking donut, but my son plays with it just the same!


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