Friday, February 26, 2010

Felt Sushi

Ahhh. Sushi... It's never too early to introduce our children to other cultures I guess. So I made some felt sushi.. Very simple, the hardest part was hand sewing the roll shut...

What you need:
1 sheet of green felt
2 - 3 sheets white felt
Felt for fillings ( could be colors of your choice)
     * I used half of a sheet of both orange and red*

Cut felt:
Cut green and white felt length wise.

Cut each piece every two inches width-wise, Do both the green and white.

Layer Pieces:

I also trimmed my white with pinking sheers to create a texture to mimic the rice. ( Not see in this photo though)

Create Filling:
Cut a three inch strip lengthwise from your sheets of felt for filling.  

Cut every two inches again so that it will fit inside your roll.

Roll fillings into small tubes, pin to hold for now.

Assemble and finish:
Place filling on top of white and green stack, unpin fillings, and roll into sushi roll. Pin to hold in place.

Trim off excess white felt.

Repeat until all felt is used, will make 6.

Hand sew roll closed. 

And thats it! What a fun little addition to any toy kitchen!


  1. thanks for linking up to MMM :) I am going to feature this next Monday!!! it is so creative!

  2. I love these! Bookmarking for later! Thank you for sharing!


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