Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Center Pull Yarn Ball

Do you crochet? How about knit? Well I do both and have a ton of yarn. And I mean a ton...  And alot of time it comes unwound and I make a regular ball, but then that rolls all over the place. So after watching a friend wind her center pull ball, I thought why not try using a toilet paper tube and not my fingers.  And it worked out great!

Take a toilet paper tube and cut/tear a small slit on one end.  Insert your yarn and let dangle down center of tube ( this prevents it from being wound into the ball.  Then wind around the outside of the tube, either until your done with your yarn, or if you want smaller balls stop sooner.  Pull yarn and tube out of center and your done! A nice center pull yarn ball without cutting of finger circulation!

I am even tempted to leave the tube inside of the ball until I actually use it so that I can find the end quickly!

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