Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Some of my Craft Fair Wares!

Here is what I took pictures of so far! Enjoy.. If interested email me and we can work something out via mail or pickup!

Little Birthday Hats!  8 inches high!
( I have 4 other colors to choose from!)

Big Birthday Hats! 12 Inches Tall!
(I have 8 more to choose from!)

Kids Chef Hats!
(I have 3 more colors to choose from, and two hats per colorway!)

A Little Girl Apron!
(As for right now, this is my only little girl apron complete, I am working on a couple more!)

Pacifier Clips!
( What you see is what I have!)

A Chalk Board Tray!
(Two more available, Exactly the same)

A Cork and Chalkboard Note Station!
(Two more available, exactly the same)

I also have lots of photography that I have taken and printed in my own darkroom over the years.  These vary in sizes, and images.  They will be brought to the craft fair too, and hopefully some will make its way to our etsy shop next week!

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