Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Oh no! Wet Cell Phone!

Have you ever dropped your cell phone in a puddle? Toilet? Sink? Or, like me have your 15 month old dunk it in a drink! Ugh.

So, I had heard of the rice trick, but never tried it. And I was desperate! We don't have a house phone just our cell phones, and if I didn't get this to dry out... I would have to buy a new phone..


Here's what I did to dry out my phone, I opened all the doors and covers ( for the charger, camera card etc) and took the back off and battery out.. Then I took all the parts and pieces and dropped them into a bag of dry rice.  I even took my blow dryer on low and warmed the rice up.  And within a couple hours my phone was back to working!

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