Thursday, July 1, 2010

Remelted Crayons!

Don't you hate when you have a bunch of broken crayon pieces in your crayon box? Me too.  Did you know you can remelt them, and its super easy?

A while back, I found this weird looking skewer ice cube tray at the Dollar Store in town.  ( They still had them the last time I was there too... I may need more now that I found a use for them other than ice!) And well, lets be honest, the ice didn't last very long, and the skewers ( not pictured) didn't stay in the ice well...

Once you use this for crayons, you won't be able to use it for food/ice products.  But for $1 its worth it!

Go through your crayon bucket and find any broken ones you have, or if you want to break new crayons go for it!

Then, take your pieces and fill your tray. Since I didn't have enough to make just one color per crayon I made mixed ones. 

I decided it was too hot to turn on my oven like other tutorials in blog land suggest, so I tried the microwave, and it worked just fine. It took about 6-8 minutes on my "Soften" setting. The longest my soften setting would go for each time was two minutes, which was okay cause I checked them each time to make sure my mold didn't break, or they were burning.

After it was all melted it looked like this. I then popped them in the fridge to harden back up.

Once fully hardened pop out of mold. I found that because I filled all four molds it made it a little difficult to get each crayon out in one piece.  So next time I will do only two at a time.  

While searching for how to do it, just to make sure I didn't mess this up royally, I found one person who t only used Crayola's and she found that by using one brand the crayons melted at the same time. Which I noticed because I mixed brands.  But the only thing I noticed is that you get a "clearish,white" layer to the crayon. Which you could always cut off and then remelt and maybe it will go away?


  1. I just did this on my blog on the 25th!! Great minds:) I will definitely use silicone mold next time.

  2. Great minds and Great Crafters think alike!

    Going through a different blog, I found this great mold. So tempted to get for my next batch!


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