Tuesday, September 14, 2010

And Fee said...

Let's put up a new light!

Here is what we had in our bedroom before...  Very Retro?  Bland? White and orange? Could have worked with the new color scheme, but not by choice!

Ah. Much Better! Our new light!  

And the moral of today's story. Unless you are working with a "newer" home, don't try to do the lighting yourself!  Make your hubby do it! I took down the old light and when attempting to get the new hardware up to hang the new light I realized that there was nothing to screw the hardware too. Yup. I could have done it if there was one of those blue boxes in the ceiling, but nope it can't ever be as easy as it seems when you live in a house so old that when you bought it they told you they couldn't figure out how old it was!

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