Monday, September 27, 2010

Chalkboard Eraser Tutorial!

With the love of chalkboard paint, comes the question...  How to erase? Paper towel? Wet Wipe?  Neither! A felt eraser was in order at our house!

Scissors, or Rotary Cutter
Hot Glue

Cut rectangles out of felt, Mine were 3 inches by 6 inches
(Next time I think I will make them 6 inches by 6 inches to make a thicker eraser....)

Apply Hot Glue to the center of your rectangle, and fold in half.

Apply hot glue to edge of rectangle near the fold.

Fold over onto glue ( like in above photo) Repeat on other side of piece.

Repeat until you have several (The more you make, the wider your eraser will be)

Apply hot glue to edge and stack individual pieces to create one big accordion like piece. Repeat with all pieces.

Once all pieces are together it will look like this...

Use a larger piece of felt to create a cover/back to your eraser. 

Apply a line of glue, stand your eraser piece onto your glue.

Once you get it attached, like above, apply glue to the back of the eraser, below.

Apply pressure to your felt, making it as tight as you can.

Trim your felt to size.

Apply glue to final edge...

Erase away!


  1. Yes very good Idea. I just put up a big board for the kids and realized I don't have an eraser. But I do have felt and a glue gun.Thank you the Idea.

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