Friday, September 10, 2010

Perfect CD Case Tutorial!

Sometimes I make things without tutorials, and then get someone who may want me to show them... If you see something that doesn't have a tutorial let me know, and I will see what I can do!

For example, I didn't think when I posted my Perfect CD Case earlier in the week, that anyone would want one! What was I thinking?  Here it is:

Gather Supplies:
Ruler, Scissors, Adhesive of Choice ( Here I used double sided tape)
Two pieces 12 x 12 scrapbook paper

Choose which piece you want as your outside cover, Fold almost in half, leaving about 1/4" inch difference.

Unfold, and fold one corner ( in this picture the right) towards the center of fold you just made.
If you would like to hold two cd's fold the left side to the center too.

Next, measure the height of half your are working with. Take second piece of paper and cut a strip this wide by the length of the paper  (12 inches)

Slide your strip of paper you just cut into the cover. This piece is just decorative behind the cd, you could always leave this piece out and just have white there too.
I put a piece of adhesive in the center of my darker orange to stick the two pages together, so my cd did not slide all the way to the left.

Remember that 1/4" we left on the top? Fold it over to hold everything together.
Reposition if you get a hair of white showing, and then glue it down.

Fold you case in half (left to right), and see the tube created? 
Thats where we will put our ribbon. 
Put a dab of glue on your ribbon ( or double stick tape),
Stick it in the tube, and add some more glue to shut the tube.
Repeat on other side of tube.

For this case, I just put a remaining piece of the inner paper on the left 
if I wanted to write a little note with my cd...

Tie your ribbons together and your done!  


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  1. Awesoome!!! Thanks so much! I am an event planner, and one of my most requested favors are custom CD's. This is a perfect addition :)

    BTW I found you on Under The Table And Dreaming Sunday Showcase.


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