Thursday, November 11, 2010

Flooring, Finally.

Our house is definitely a work in progress. We are always remodeling or refinishing something.  Some projects get completed in no time, and others drag on for well... forever.

Yesterday I finally decided I had had enough with the giant hole in the floor.  So, I went to work. Although this is probably only a temporary fix, it is much better than before!

Before:  A large gap in the floors between two rooms, that we all step over numerous times a day!


Because this is a temporary fix, I just glued my hardwood together (using the groove you normally nail through) and then placed it over my gap in the floor.  I went right over the tile too, because it is un-level there anyway, and it is pretty close to being level by setting it over the tile.  I did not nail it down, because it is temporary, and hasn't slid around too bad. But if it does, I will nail the side closest to the wood floor because you can't nail through tile!

Now, I have to work on the putting up some moulding. See the green on the wall? That's not mold. Thats the carpet pad from when they had glued a carpet trim around the baseboards. Seriously?  Yuck.

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