Monday, November 8, 2010

Got Drafts?

Do you live in a climate that it is getting cold this time of year?  How about living in an older, not so perfect home with cracks, and uneven doors?   Do you use draft snakes ( the ones with rice or something else in there?) Me too.

In an effort to prevent some drafts, I have started to use these:

Yup, that foam stuff you wrap your pipes in.  It slides right under the door filling in the gap between door and floor!  If your going to go out and buy some foam insulation, you may want to measure your gap first.  I used what I had on hand and it worked out ( luckily) and then got some hand me down foam thats a little thinner, it still worked for a different door but if you have a big gap, and buy the thin stuff your still going to have a gap!


  1. Brilliant idea! I love it.

  2. Very clever! I love a quick and easy solution! Thanks for linking up again. :)

  3. Hi Felicia, thanks for stopping by Etcetorize. What I didn't share on my post was that I have another door that no one see's that I did this to as well. They don't all have to be pretty~

  4. Wow! Brilliant!
    Amie @


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