Wednesday, December 29, 2010

DIY Photo Christmas Cards

I love sending my little man's picture out each year for our Christmas card.  Two years in a row, I made our cards from simple 4x6 prints and they came out great!

12x12 scrapbook paper (For each piece of paper you will get 3 cards)
4x6 pictures
Scissors or Rotary Cutter

These are super quick and easy! First step, cut your paper into three strips 4 inches wide by 12 tall.  Take into consideration is you have any design elements on your paper.  Like my snowflake band and snowman.

Cut each strip down to 9 inches tall.  Your card is now 4" x 9" and will fit in a legal size envelope.

Glue on your picture, then sign, seal and deliver!  

This year I got my pictures back a little later than planned, and just handwrote my Happy Holidays greeting.  Last year I stamped and embellished because I had more time.  
Either way though, they came out cute and everyone loves them.

My favorite part, if the people you send them too just want the picture all year round, they can cut the bottom off and still have a picture!

The best part about this is, is that you can do them for anything! Thanks you's, Valentines, Halloween or whatever you can think of!

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