Monday, January 10, 2011

I know, I know... Christmas is over!

I know, I should really be done with Christmas posts, but we still haven't had the chance to give some of our handmade gifts, so I am just now being able to share some!

I promise, today and tomorrow are the last that are obvious Christmas! It only took me what two weeks after Christmas to get it all out?

Anyways...  I am always trying to figure out different ways of letting my little man craft. I know, he's almost two and I am already twitching waiting for him to craft with me. So, each holiday I try something new.  First it was his heart shaped butt, then it was his very abstract hand on an ornament.  But this year I went all out! Both hands and a foot!

I picked up a Wooden Plaque, and used some 
acrylic paints ( they wash off pretty good, and once dry they peel off easy!

Using his foot first, I painted it dark brown and "stamped" right in the middle. Then I mimicked his big toe where his pinky toe print was.  Next I used a lighter brown to do antlers, and his thumb in red for a nose!  

Perfect little addition to our holiday decor. They are only little once!

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