Monday, February 28, 2011

Still Under Construction...

Hey Bloggy Friends,

I am still trying to work out the bugs with  my images!  Anyone out there use Flickr and then import them into blogger?

I created a flickr account, I uploaded some images, came back to blogger and it won't let me use the flickr url to get my images!

And I have two recipes to share and a couple projects too!  I've been busy!

Please leave a comment or email if you have any idea what I am doing wrong!


  1. I use flickr and blogger (am doing it right this minute). I may do it differently though.

    Once you get the photos into flickr, click on the first photo you want to use. Click on the "Share this" drop down and "grab the HTML/BBCode"

    Now, go back to Blogger and in your new post, click to edit your html. Go to the right place in your post and drop the HTML you grabbed off of flickr.

    If you continue to have problems, drop me an email at rain25girl at gmail dot com and we can probably work it through on email or via phone.

  2. Here, I made you a little tutorial document.


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