Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Crochet Class: Lesson 1

Now that I have taught a couple classes worth of crochet at my local library I thought, how rude to tell people about the class but not offer anything through my blog.  Oops.  So I thought I would start posting what we are working on in class here so if anyone in blogland wants to follow along they can!

The first night we worked on slipknots, chaining and single crochet.

A slipknot is what you need to start your crochet (or knitting) project.  To make a slipknot, I found this great video.

Slipknot for Knit or Crochet

Once you have your slipknot in place, you need to create your foundation row, also known as chaining. To create your chain you keep your slipknot on your hook, and wrap your yarn around the back of your hook and pull through your slipknot.  Repeat until you have enough chains for your pattern.  If you are better with seeing how to do things, check out this video.

Chaining for Crochet

To turn and work in your next row, you need to do what is called a single crochet.  To create this you need to put your hook in the first available space of your chain.  Then you wrap your yarn around your hook and pull through.  Lastly, you wrap your yarn around your hook again and pull through the two loops that are on your hook.  Repeat until the end! Again, another great video.

Single Crochet

In class we worked on "swatches" which could be considered dishcloths or coasters depending on how big you created them.

Crochet Coasters

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  1. oh you are so helpful! I have been meaning to learn to crochet.... I need to indulge my inner grandma (:


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