Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Embroidery Machine!

With all the sewing I have been doing, I started out by showing you my machine
Well, my machine is not just a sewing machine
 but also an embroidery machine. 
It's the Brother SE 350.

My Machine, Brother SE 350

As I mentioned in my post about just the sewing machine portion of my machine, 
I bought it refurbished off eBay. And I love it!

To switch from sewing to embroidery all you do is switch the foot, and slide on the embroidery attachment. Super Easy.
When you put the embroidery attachment on the machine, the top LCD screen changes to the embroidery settings. Then you choose from there what you want.
 Plus you can buy a card and reader and download more designs too!

The reason I am sharing the embroidery portion with you today is because I used it in making my brown quilt.

My Embroidery Machine

Can you tell it's a wedding gift?
It's okay, the couple already got married a couple weeks back and have it!

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