Thursday, April 14, 2011

Quilting Week 3: Oops.

So this week I wanted to show you how I would finish my top of my quilt. Well.  That isn't happening. Ugh.

Originally, it looked like this...

Once I sewed the center circle onto my quilt, I had to remove 4 pieces of it. And that made the outside of my circle not right either.

Oops! Had to remove!

So, here is how I fixed it!

Instead of piecing the quilt per directions, I went ahead and created an "applique". All I did was pull out the center circle, resew the four pieces back in and iron iron iron all the way around.

Nice ironed seams!

 Next I purchased a piece of fabric to be the top, and went to town... 
Sewing it down, slowly along the curve!

Chugging Along

Next week I share the front and the binding! Can't wait!

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