Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Swoon! Blueberry Buckle

Have you ever had Blueberry Buckle?

I love blueberry buckle. It's like a coffee cake consistency. I made this a couple years back and decided it was time to pull the recipe out of retirement. I decided that since I was in charge of something sweet for Father's Day brunch, I would use this oppurtunity to make a buckle. 

Does it not look delish?

Blueberry Buckle

Here's the recipe I followed, only baking for much longer.
I planned on making them as muffins but didn't have enough cupcake liners.  

I've also substituted the blueberries for a triple berry mix ( that was frozen) and it came out just as good. 

My only complaint, my crumble topping. Didn't come out very crumbly. 
Any tips? 

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