Friday, October 14, 2011

My Baby Wrap

If you "like" All Things Fee on facebook, you knew this was coming!

Over the weekend I made  myself a "moby" style wrap.  It was super simple! And I am so glad I did. I used it twice already, once to go to an apple orchard and once to go to a pumpkin patch birthday party. Both without my husband, so I needed both hands to take care of Carter.

Just like all the other great tutorials out there, I bought my fabric (5 yards long) and then came home to cut it.  You cut it so that the width goes from 45" or 60" ( depending on your fabric) and cut  it down to 20-22 inches wide. I cut mine at 20" as I am not the tallest. And that's it! Unless you want a support panel, like this tutorial, or a pocket, like I did.

So all your wrap is: a piece of jersey knit fabric 20" x 5 yards long.

(You normally don't have to hold baby, it truly is handsfree when baby has full neck control. 
Wyatt doesn't yet! But loves to look around.)

(See? Hands free!)

Now, over on facebook a friend asked about the length of the fabric. The length of the fabric is how you make your wrap work. If you buy too short, you won't be able to tie it properly, risking a slide out with baby. So, I got thinking about it. If you are super teeny tiny you won't need as  much fabric, but if you are not teeny you will need more. 

I would suggest taking a piece of yarn 5 yards long and wrap it as you would the baby wrap.
Then if your tails are long, cut off some and rewrap.  Then your not wasting fabric or money!

Need help putting on a baby wrap? Watch this.

Super simple, no sew ( if you want) project.

The best part? I got enough to make two (maybe even three) wraps for the price of one in store!
But, I also bought the most expensive knit Joann's had. It's super stretchy and soft.
They did have some cheaper knits, but they were also not as wide ( would only get two)
and weren't as soft!


  1. I keep thinking I want to make one and then I worry it will really hurt my shoulder & neck (always have issues) and then I decide not to waste my time. Does it hurt you at all? Hopefully, Connor will fit in the Bjorn soon and I'll be able to use that. He's still too small!

  2. Lisa- The weight is pretty distributed when you pull the fabric down your shoulders, so it doesnt bother my shoulders. And I don't feel like it bothers my neck at all, since there is nothing around it weighing it down ( like a halter)


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