Tuesday, January 10, 2012

MUG-Staches for Everyone!

Each year I attempt to make as many gifts as I can, for a couple reasons- I love making things, and I love giving handmade things. This year I decided to give a great group of friends a "group" gift so to speak.  

I went with MUG-Staches.

To make my MUG-Staches I rounded up:
Mugs and Teacups 
Acrylic Enamel ( Make sure it's enamel, not paint, and says in the directions used for Ceramics)
Paper for stencil, or you can freehand ( I did a little of both)

For the first couple I went with a stencil. To make my stencil, I folded a small piece of paper in half, and drew half my mustache. 

Then holding my stencil onto my mug, I brushed from the stencil to the center of the opening, dragging the paint from the paper onto the mug to prevent bleeding.

Removed stencil, and set mug aside. After all my mugs were painted. I popped them in the oven per the paint bottle's directions!

Super cute, kitschy gifts!
I was very tempted to keep a set for me, and I still have to make a set for my sister (per her request)!

The bottle says that these can be hand washed, not dishwashed. And not to scrub the paint. (Kind of common sense, but thought it was worth mentioning!)

His and Hers MUG Staches!
Cute? No?

I found this awesome mustache template, after I made mine. 
But will definitely keep in mind for my next batch!

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  1. I had hot apple cider in mine! Eventhough Braden knew the joke, I still called for him to come check me out looking stash-tastic.


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