Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Playing Musical Furniture

Have you ever played Musical Furniture?
After 5 years of living in our house, I am STILL playing musical furniture!  

There are pieces of furniture in our home that I just don't really know what to do with.  Some are my husbands family's so we want to keep them, but just haven't found the perfect spot for them!  

Last weekend, we moved the living room around and in doing so we had a piece of furniture that just didn't have a "home". So I thought about it all week, and finally figured out a way to find a home (for now) for this random piece. But in doing so I had to do some moving, cutting and rethinking.

But what I can say about this recent game of musical furniture, is that I am SO happy with what happened.  Two happy mistakes that are already making a difference! 
(my house is very old, and has little to no storage or closets! Making for some creative ways to deal with some items!)

First up to be moved was a bookshelf that was holding our microwave and random things.  
I decided that this is where my initial random piece was going, so the bookshelf needed a new home.
I've been thinking about doing this for a while, but I finally did it, because I had something to put the microwave on. (See what I mean, about musical furniture?)
The goal was to cut the bookshelf down to size and have it be the part of my island. 

And boy, could I not be happier!  First of all, it made my island super sturdy.  The island has been a work in progress since we started it! We just haven't come across the perfect piece to add, but not anymore! Plus,  I got more than I bargained for! 
When I cut the sides of the shelf down to the height I needed, I decided to put the moveable shelf as high up as I could so that it would support the island top. Well, it wasn't as high up as I thought it would be. But it created a little shelf.  Look! Perfect for all my cutting boards!
isn't that great? Oh the little things!

Onto my next happy mistake!  
My piece that came out of the island needed a home. 
Since it is not very deep, I thought it would fit in my pantry... 

Not only is it the perfect depth, but heightwise too! 
AND it created another little shelf perfect for my cake pans!

I'm so happy that this all fell into place!  
And didn't take me days and days and days to figure out!

What have you done lately, that worked out better than you thought?

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  1. I love musical furniture. It is the only time my shelves get a good vacumn behind.


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