Thursday, February 9, 2012

My New Art Caddy!

Love it!  I've been thinking about picking up something to corral my pens, pencils, colored pencils, markers, and more!

I made my sister this cute one, but I don't have a permanant home for something like that.  I wanted something I could put on the table when in use, and tuck into my craft closet when not. 

I had the cans with some of my supplies in them, but it was a pain to take 3 or 4 out. 
So I got to thinking about how to attach them. Nuts & Bolts? Glue? Wrapped ribbon?

But it was right in front of me. 

I normally have some binder clips on the top, and I thought are they strong enough? 
And sure enough they are! Perfect!

The best part is even since making this and sharing it with you I have already added a can! so I can keep adding when/if need be!

To make this even better...
I was sick of digging for the pencil sharpeners that always fell to the bottom of the can!

A quick magnet and glue fixed that too!

And can I add the cost was FREE!?!?

Nothing gets better than that!
( I want to spray paint the cans and clips white, but it's been warm but not that warm!)

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