Thursday, February 23, 2012

Toy Story Moving Box Pinata {A Tutorial!}

Carter requested a pinata for this birthday, I think Dora made him do it! 
But to not let him down, my husband and I said we could do that. Well, being the more frugal of the two I decided let me try to make one. After all it's just going to broken for the "goods" anyways and who wants to keep a broken pinata (my guess, Carter would have!)

So, when I was looking all over the internet for cake ideas, I came across a great cake that had moving boxes from Toy Story 3! And that's how this came about, and it was really fun to tell Carter that Andy had packed up his boxes and sent them to us just for his party!

To make your own pull string pinata:
 ( did you think I was going to trust a very active now three year old with a stick?)

Carboard box (shape/size can be up to you, mine was pretty small and square)
Craft paper
Hot glue, duct tape
Ribbon and Strong string to hang from
Cut the bottom of your box out 
( I didn't cut all four flaps out and regretted it when it didn't break much, so trust me on this one!)
Remove all four of these flaps!

Wrap your box to hide the current logos!
I used hot glue to attach mine, and had no issues!

Poke a hole in the bottom of your pinata, this will be your "active" pullstring.
Your will not have cardboard to make pulling easier!
Ours pulled but didn't pull open as I thought it would! Boo.
Duct tape your ribbon inside.  

Trick your little party goers! Just scotch take ribbons on the bottom outside, for their pulling pleasure!

Camoflauge your ribbons, I just attached strips of paper across each row of tape and glue on each side.
(Sorry no picture!)

Add your hanging string. 
I went through the handles, across the box and had the string criss cross.


Fill! I went with some candy and some plastic toys! Had to include army men!

Place a piece of scrap carboard on top, and I duct taped in place (not shown)
This creates a place for all your toy story themed toys!

Add toys, tissue, packing peanuts (that I couldn't find!)



  1. Darn that Dora for giving him too many ideas! :) Very cute! I hope you have video of him playing with it!

    1. LOL! Personally Dora drives me nuts! She is everywhere! You can't avoid her! Ha! I do have a video and its hilarious! When he pulled the one to pop it open, well. He yanked it and ripped the ribbon so I had to change up how I would do it again!

  2. what a great idea! I love the safety of the pull string pinata but I'm still old skool and love to hit it!

  3. cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want to make a pinata!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! asap right now, i have to make a party tomorrow :)

    love K


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