Thursday, April 5, 2012

Flower Beds... and Craft Slacking

Wow. I feel like such a Craft Slacker lately.  

It's not like I've been totally slacking on everything, but nothing is really blog worthy! 

Here's what I have been doing...
I've been cleaning out closets, ( but didn't uber organize them)
Playing on our new swing set,
Trying to grow grass under our swingset,
Enjoying my boys,
Getting ready to  hopefully paint almost all of our downstairs,
Getting my garden ready.

So the only thing I really truly have to show you is my front flower bed!
Finally after five years of living here, it is presentable!  I know I'm a slacker.
When we bought the house there were two tall bushes (both dead in the back) and a christmas tree. Yes. A Blue Spruce right in the middle of a flower bed.  

So everything has been pulled out and slowly but surely I have filled it with different plants, and this year it's finally looking good!

Now it's filled with mums, sedum, iris', rose of sharon, and dianthus!

All mulched and ready to grow!

My favorite part? It all comes back year after year!

Have you been in a craft funk lately? 
How do you get out of it?

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