Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Clean an Upholstered Couch ( Non Microfiber)

We purchased our couch literally the day we came home from the hospital when we had Carter. I had an unexpected csection and was on orders to not go up and down the stairs more than necesarry. So my  husband and I decided it was time to upgrade if I was to be sleeping on it.

Well now, 3 1/2 years later it was a mess. Stained on all the cushions. And looked terrible. 
I had spot cleaned when there was a spill but never really got them out. 

So, I tried searching online how to clean it, and came up with nothing. Nada. Zilch.
Everything I found was for microfiber fabric and are was nothing like microfiber, so I couldn't use that advice. So I just went ahead and did what I thought would work. And it did! Not a single stain is left!
I was so excited that it's all I could talk about for days!

Here's what I did to make this:

Look like this:

Big difference, hey?

Sorry, I don't have pictures. I had my doubts that this wasn't going to work!  

First I took all my covers off the cushions. I know, everything I read said not to. 
But spot cleaning hadn't worked in the past and I was desperate. 

Next I took dish soap. Yes regular "handwash your dishes" soap, and a scrub brush and got to work.
 I scrubbed each stain until it was soapy. 

Once I scrubbed all the stains with soap, I filled up my washer and put all my cushions in. I left the top open so it would fill and let them soak.  
Did you know soaking for 1 hour is just as good as soaking for 8 hours? 
Me neither, I learned it while researching before I started to do this!

After an hour or so, I spun out all the water. I didn't run my washer normally, just got all the dirty water  out and refilled the washer with fresh water. I did this until my water was clear after the hour, it took maybe 4-5 times but it was well worth it.

At this point, I went ahead pulled the covers out and took a look.  They were getting better, so I took a Shout stick ( with rubber tip thing) and scrubbed the stains again, added my regular laundry detergent and ran the washer as normal.

And then I ran it one more time without soap ( to make sure all the soap was out, I didn't want the cushions to be grimy with leftover soap, like it did when I would spot clean sometimes)

Now onto drying, since my washer spun them out pretty well I just set them on top of the washer to air dry maybe ten minutes or so.  Then I put them on my cushions. I did this because I didn't want to chance them shrinking in the wash, and I wanted them to conform to the cushion. It took a while to get the cushions back in, so be patient if your doing this! I made sure to line my piping up with the edges to ensure they didn't get mis-shapen. 

And that's it! It took all day but was so worth it! 
Now my couch looks like new, and I don't have to convince my husband to get me a new one!

Have you ever cleaned your cushions of your couch? 
I've heard and seen horror stories, which is why i was nervous! But I'm so glad I made the leap and did it!

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