Thursday, July 12, 2012

Garlic: Semi Success

Okay, so this is only my second year growing garlic. 
And I'm calling this year a semi success compared to last year!

Last year I got very small heads of garlic. So small that I actually replanted them in the fall. They were so small you couldn't get the cloves apart without smashing them to nothing.

So last fall I replanted all my garlic and this is what I got. Yes, I got fewer heads (I planted nearly 70!) this is all I got. BUT the heads are bigger and will definitely be able to be used. I'm going to go back out today and see if I can find some more in my garden. I'm thinking critters may have got them?

Plus my in laws bought me a larger variety of garlic to plant this fall after they heard about my lack of luck with my current garlic.

Do you grow garlic? What am I doing wrong?

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