Wednesday, August 8, 2012

All my Hexes...

I think I may have found my crocheting groove! I've got a couple projects in the works right now! 

This one is the perfect "what do you do with a baseball size ball of yarn" project.

It all started when I was teaching my class at the library, I found this pattern and copied it off. 

Then stuffed it in my bag to not be looked at for weeks. Then I saw this beauty, and this beauty. So I pulled out my pattern and started with all the "random too small for anything else balls of yarn" around my house!

Each granny hexagon takes only a couple minutes, which make it one of those instantly gratifying projects. Even though I will probably need a million  before I get to actually make a blanket or something out of them! But it's great for not wasting those little balls of yarn!

If you know how to make a granny square the hexagon is super easy! When you start, instead of making four clusters and four corners, make six clusters and six holes!  

What have you been crocheting or knitting lately?

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