Friday, August 31, 2012

Organized: Blank Cards!

If you follow on facebook, you see every now and again I am up to something! 
(I typically post everyday on facebook, looking for feedback, inspiration or just saying hi!)

Well, yesterday I posted that I was starting to feel better ( thank you antibiotics!) and was hopefully checking off some items on my to do list! 

Lucky for you, I was able to do it! Even though my boys didn't seem like they wanted me to! 

I've had it in my head that once Wyatt's big birthday was over, Operation Declutter and Organize would commence. So... so far so good!

I've been working small. And purging, donating and gathering for a garage sale little by little. 
Can I just say the garage sale clutter is driving me bonkers? 

Without further ado, I attempted to reorganize my cards awhile back. While it helped put them in one place. It was asking for help!

It took many tries to find the right solution!

Here's attempt one. One box all thrown in. Hard to find.

Attempt two: Super cute card holding book with address book. Only a few cards fit and then it stuck open, and who really uses an address book like that anymore?

Attempt three: Cut book apart, recycle address book portion  stand up in a box. 
Better but only a certain amount fit in that small box.

Attempt Four: Bigger box, but not enough to stand upright. Plus box could crush or rip.

Attempt five: Leftover pantry plastic crate. Ahhh! We are getting somewhere! 
I liked how the book fit, but didn't like the height and there were a lot of categories that I didn't use and I didn't like that some of the categories were on back.

Finally! Attempt six: and I think it is a keeper! 
Using the pages from the book as a guide for my width I cut some card stock to size.
 And created tabs on the top and labeled away!

So much better, and there is room to add more cards too!

Next up:
Organized Gift bags!

Today I'm working out the kinks in my plan for coraling my gift bags! Will share next week!

How do you store your gift supplies? Even better, where do you store your gift supplies!


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