Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Ellie's Stocking!

It's official. Ellie is a keeper!
Her stocking is complete and hung with the rest!

A couple years ago, when we only had Carter I decided I wanted nice matching stockings. And knowing we would have more kids, I decided it would be easiest to make them. So I picked up felt in my colors ( I decorate with jewel tones, turquoise, magenta, lime...and more!) and put it away with our ornaments so as babies came stockings would be made and match!

The first year, I must have been crazy and painted the lettering. Yuck.
The next year I used my embroidery machine. Much better. 

Now, normally I don't think ahead. And of course the one time I did, I couldn't find the magenta for Ellie's stocking, but luckily I was able to match the color! 

Anyways, using my stocking as a pattern I used pinking shears to cut the stocking shape. 
Regular scissors for my cuff. 
Embroidered her official "E"

Then sewed it together like the others! 

Now we all match except for Cooper, which I may replace his cuff to make him match better too!

Have you ever made stockings?
 These were super simple and do the job for now. I know in a couple years I will either change my mind or decor for Christmas and start all over!

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  1. Those are really cute. Great idea!

    I was hired to decorate a home for someone a few years ago and knew the owner would love red and white twirl toe stocking with rhinestone embellishments. It was such a fun project.


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