Friday, February 22, 2013

DIY Mail Station

While, I loved my command center it lacked in mail/paper storage.

It had one pocket, and clearly that wasn't enough. 
There were times it would burst open and everything would fall to the floor. Boo.

After looking around for options, I always came back to the stacked multiple file sorters.
And after looking for options, I looked at this box and thought. Huh. Would it work?

First, I took the top off the box ( It was a gift box) and cut the top and bottom in half the long ways.

Then I took the four pieces and measured the corners to create "angled" sides.
Which really all you have to do it go from top back corner to the bottom front. 

Cut on the line, but do not cut the bottom out of the box.
I folded the bottom up the back so papers won't slide down.
Repeat for all four.

If you flatten your piece this is what it should look like.
My measurements are:
Top Side triangles: 3 1/2" Wide, 4 1/2" Tall
Main Rectangle: 15" Wide, 4 1/2" Tall
Bottom Rectangle: 15" Wide, 3 1/2" Tall
Bottom Triangles: 2" Wide, 3 1/2"Tall 

Mine is all one piece, 
but if you had to use all those measurements as individual pieces and build it should work too!

Time to Assemble!
I used a hot glue gun, and tape. 
Thinking A.) this isn't going to work B.) This is my prototype.
(Which ironically has been up for almost a month with no issues!)

To assemble, I folded the bottom rectangle up the back and small triangles inside the angled sides. 
I had to trim them a little to fit, but then just glued and taped. 
Then, I stacked them, and lined up the backs.

Here is a better look at the backs, and how I hung it. 
Since it's so light I just put two push pins in each level!

Add a large calendar, and I've got a new Kitchen Command Center!

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