Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Organizes: Bathroom Towels & Washcloths

As we were coming to the end of our construction, I started planning how I wanted to decorate and accessorize the bathroom. Since we were starting from scratch, I thought why not get new towels while we were at it.

But then I didn't know how many to buy.

Did you know there is an equation for how many towels you should own?!? 
I looked it up out of curiosity, as I felt we had WAY too many towels! 

Here's how many you should have:
How many people live in your house x 2 = how many towels you should have on hand per bathroom

So for our family of 5, we should have 10 towels, 10 washcloths.
 We will have only one full bathroom once the construction is complete. 

Luckily I had mentioned I wanted to get new towels, and I was lucky enough to get some for Christmas! So with what I received and what we had I purged down to 10, not counting the kids hooded towels. 

I wish all organizing questions had straight forward answers! But this way of thinking has definitely gotten me thinking about other objects and items we have!

Did you know about the formula for towels? Will you be using it?
Do you have an abundance of them?

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