Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Watching our love grow...

I'm going to apologize first for the photos! 
This is my husband's Valentines day gift, so I will take better ones this weekend and update! 

I've always loved the idea of marking your children's ages on the wall. Except the fact that it was on the wall. You can't paint the wall down the road, or worse, not being able to take it with you.

 After seeing some amazing rulers in blogland, I got to work.

I didn't follow any tutorial because it was pretty simple. Turn a piece of 1"x6"x6' into a ruler.
Simple enough.

Here's some things I thought about and did:

- I wanted to include birth heights, so my shortest was 18 1/2". I ended up started it at 6 " to give us some room on the bottom.

-I used my clear acrylic ruler and a pencil to measure all my inches first.
 Then went back and lengthened my 3", 6", 9" and foot marks.

-Then I went back with a permanent marker ( I checked to make sure it didn't bleed on back first!)

-For my numbers and Palmer Company, I printed out a font (American Typewriter) then scribbled on the back of the paper, traced over the front so it transferred the pencil to the wood. 

-Then I s l o w l y, used the marker to trace over the pencil and fill in.

- For "watching our love grow since 2008" I just free handed it.

-And now my favorite part! Instead of just added my children's current heights, I asked my pediatrician for all of their heights since birth! So I went back in with just pencil so it looks like we lined them up all along!

Do you measure your kids? Will you be making your own ruler?
It took me longer to plan it out in my head than to make it, I swear!


  1. This is super cute!! Are you going to put yours and your husband's heights on it too so you can show your kids how they're catching up with you? I think I might have to do a ruler. We started by measuring on a post in the kitchen ... then I removed it because the post held a wall that we hated. Then we moved to measuring on a cool tree cutout in our older son's room ... then we redid his room and took that out. I have a wall thing that I got for free for the toddler's room but I don't measure the big kid on that because it has the baby's name on it. I need one place and this is really cute!! Well done!!!

    1. Julie-

      Once I hang it on the wall, I will add me and my husband's heights!

      What I love most about the ruler, is that it's simple, will go with most if not all decor that I can think I will like and it measures beyond the basic growth charts that you typically get as gifts!

      And with what I have seen you do with wood and tools, this is so simple you could whip it up in no time! Especially if you have a silhouette or cricut too! I didn't use either and it was a quick craft!


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