Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Grows: Asparagus

As one of our new additions to the garden, we decided Asparagus would be one of them!
So far everyone loves it, Ellie's too little to give us an opinion yet!

So, I picked up some Crowns (roots) and planned where they would go.
The plan is to grow them in a large wine barrel, but since that is all the way out in the back yard and too heavy for me to get to at the moment, I decided I would start them in a smaller container.  Once they look like they are off to a good start, and I have the hubs move the barrel, I will transplant them to the larger more permanent barrel.

Why a barrel? Well, a couple reasons. First, I don't have raised beds (yet) in the garden, so we roto-til the entire garden each year. And I am always nervous about my perennials getting run over.
Second, if we ever decide to move, they can come with us!

 First, I did some research!
 I found out you should soak your crowns in tepid water for a couple hours prior to planting. 

 Then, I took what was in the bag with the crowns and put it in the bottom of the container. 
There really is no rhyme or reason why. I just felt like it couldn't hurt. If I didn't put it in the container it would have went into the compost anyway.

Next, I added some bonemeal, the soil, and crowns.
(Bonemeal is good for root growth.)

Covered the crowns, and watered well.

Asparagus are heavy feeders, and like moist soil. From what I researched, you should fertilize annually.
I've also found differing opinions about whether or not they like weeds. Some said the weeds help keep the soil moist, and they don't mind the competition. While other research showed keep it weed free.  I personally don't think I will have a huge problem with weeds as I am doing it in a container.

Are you starting anything new this year?
We've got a bunch of new veggies to try, but this is the only perennial!

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