Friday, May 3, 2013

Grows: A Greenhouse!

Even though this wasn't on my Garden Updates list, I had to do it!

My plants are taking over too many windows right now, and during the day it's warm enough for them but at night gets too cool. So, instead of bringing them in and out, I decided on making a little greenhouse! Another reason to make this? My mom cleaned out her basement and this was a play tent of mine as a kid! So this project was half completed before I started!

Here is all I needed! But you could make this very simply with PVC pipes and connections.

My frame and clear plastic.

Within an hour and no disruptions from the kids, I had this!

I used clear packaging tape, and started with the longer side, went up to the "peak" and down the other side. Then cut a piece for each side ( those were trick, but doable!)

If you were to want to make one, I believe the PVC would be 1/2", and instead of a curved top, you could either just do square or make a pointed roof. Would be pretty simple!

Do you garden? Use a coldframe or Greenhouse to extend your season?

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