Friday, June 28, 2013

Creates: Funky "Junk" Mobile

My mother and I are both gardeners, she has a beautiful flower garden near her pool that I love. 
She's got a pond, and perennials that are perfect.

I love getting her things to add to her garden, either flowers, bushes or knick knacks.
For a while, I use to bring her home rocks from everywhere I would go. It was neat to see the different colored rocks, and you could tell where they came from!

Well, this year for her birthday Carter and I made her this.
 Actually this one is mine. We made her a littler version!

When I described it to my sister I said "It's probably the experience of making it with Carter that I love most about it, and that's what makes it beautiful" So it's okay if you think it is ugly. To me it's perfect, and I know my mom feels the same way!

I used wire for the entire thing. I found some really heavy duty wire that held it's shape for the top circle. And then just regular jewelry wire for the strands. I cut the strands and bent the bottom so the beads wouldn't fall off and let Carter pick our of my "Junk" bucket and bead bucket. 
I love that he had no problem stringing safety pins, and broken  ornaments on there!

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