Friday, August 9, 2013

Grows: Reviving My Basil

So you all know, I have somewhat of a green thumb.
My garden is booming, my flowers are trying but my herbs. 
Not. So. Much.

I started basil from seeds, it was lush and smelled great but then died.
Then I bought basil plants, and thought I can do this. 
But they too died.
I am guessing not enough light, I wanted to keep them indoors so that when it got cooler they wouldn't die. Well. They died. And bad.

But before they died, I was able to harvest a little bit. 
But I had no use for it at the moment, so I stuck it in a jar of water on my windowsill.
Then when I went to use it... it had roots! 

So I replanted this in my pot, and put it outside. And luckily they are growing in the pot!
Maybe I can grow herbs after all!

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