Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The vacation that could have been...

So if your follow on facebook, you may have seen that the hubs took the week off.
With his and Wyatt's birthdays in the same week, we thought we would do some day trips, house stuff and relax.

Ha! Not even close. Let's recap what really happened!

Saturday/Sunday: Recieved a phone call that my 1972 VW Beetle was involved in a car accident in NYC! Ummm. No. It hasn't been on the road since 2009. So we had to spend the weekend on the phone and then Monday morning at DMV.

Monday: Morning spent at DMV, which was pointless they couldn't do much other than print proof it wasn't on road. Then we day tripped to a local zoo. It was fine until Carter attempted to stow away on the safari train that we were waiting in line for. 

Tuesday:  The ceiling caved in. On my husband. On his birthday. That's what happens when you live in a house that was built pre 1880 (our deed states the property was divided in 1880 and the house existed but no proof of an actual built date!) 
So that was awful. 

Wednesday: Plan was to clean up cave in mess. Bring garbage to junk/scrap yard. Hubs ended up in Urgent Care with 6 stitches. Cut a pipe, and the pipe fought back. 

 After the beginning of the week, we were scared to leave home. For fear our luck had run out and that we were destined for a car crash or something. So we stayed home, did some small house things. 

So overall nothing went "right", crafting and blogging went out the window (maybe with the caved in ceiling) and "vacation" is over and went nothing like planned. 

Now to attempt getting the boys back in routine! 
Anyone know why it takes only a day or two to fall out of routine, but a week or two to get back in?
Oh and why if I stopping cleaning, the mess comes back? Ha! 

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